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Amendment 3 seeks to destroy the foundation of public education in Missouri

In November Missouri voters will be asked to decide whether or not to approve the addition of Amendment 3 to the Missouri State Constitution. This Amendment seeks to dramatically alter the structure of public education in a way that is detrimental to the children, school systems, and educators of our great state.

If passed Amendment 3 will:
-Require that teachers and students are judged by scores on standardized tests.
-Strip local control of teacher evaluations from school districts and turn this essential function over to politicians in Jefferson City.
-Require districts design and implement new standardized testing systems without providing any additional funding thereby reducing the funds available for districts to use in the classroom.
-End due process rights for teachers across the state.
It is very important that every educator get involved to defeat Amendment 3. In addition teachers should reach out to their families, friends, and communities and explain to them why this amendment is bad for Missouri schools.

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