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What is in an APR Score?

Facilitator teamRecent stories in local media highlighted area school districts’ APR scores.  APR, Annual Performance Report, is generated by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  In the 2012-2013 school year, the factors utilized to calculate APR were changed.  As such, APR scores reported in August were calculated utilizing a new system.  Although Rockwood continues to have high raw testing scores, ranking sixth in the St. Louis region, our APR scores were lower than many county districts.  For example, Rockwood’s MAP scores were higher than Parkway and Webster Groves, but our APR score was lower.  What is in an APR score beyond actual test scores?
Academic Achievement is the first of five categories to be considered in an APR score.  Academic achievement considers three different indicators: status, progress and growth.  Status points are earned based upon a district’s student achievement data.  Progress points consider if a district’s three year trend is for scores to go up, go down or stay constant.  The growth score considers the achievement of individual students as compared to their projected growth.  If students are routinely exceeding their projected growth, points are earned in this category.  The overall academic achievement score is based upon status + progress or status + growth, whichever is higher.  In the case of Rockwood, our status points were high but progress and/or growth scores were not as high as other districts.
Subgroup Achievement: Subgroup achievement is calculated for students in the super subgroup using the status, progress and growth categories. The super subgroup includes IEP, Free and Reduced Lunch, African American, ESL and LEP students.
College and career ready: Points are earned based upon ACT scores, students in AP courses and their success in those courses and college placement rates.
The remaining two categories are Attendance and Graduation Rates.
In the coming weeks, you will be hearing more about APR scores and your school’s specific data from administration.